CAaSA is an Australian support and information network.

The formation of Cult Awareness and Support Australia grew out of a landmark national conference in Queensland during March 2010 entitled "Coercive Persuasion and Mind Control", organised by the then Cult Information and Family Support (CIFS) Queensland.  The Victorians who attended this conference agreed that a similar organisation needed to be set up in Victoria, given that the original CIFS group had been established in New South Wales in 1996.

Following a series of meetings and brainstorming sessions, Cult Information and Family Support Victoria was incorporated on 15th February 2011.  On 2nd December 2014, the name of our organisation was changed and incorporated as Cult Awareness and Support Australia.

In the statement of purposes which follows, the word "cult" is used to describe a high demand organisation which exerts excessive control over its members, causing stress and harm, whether mental or physical, to individuals and their families.

Our Aims

  • To support people and their families, who are currently in or left a Cult or considering joining a Cult.
  • To educate people in the workings and consequences of Cults.
  • To provide ongoing contact and regular support groups meetings.
  • In an appropriate manner advocate for the freedom and rights of individuals and to provide assistance for government and authorities against organisations that do not allow such liberties.
  • To encourage and assist health professionals to become more informed about and involved with those affected by Cults.
  • To maintain an association that is not affiliated with any religious group.
  • To liaise and work together with associations having similar objectives.


This website aims to provide information about organisations which exert extreme control over their members, sometimes resulting in mental or physical abuse.  Such an organisation may hold religious or other beliefs, but such beliefs are not in question.  Rather it is the behaviour of the organisation towards others which is of concern.  These groups are commonly called "cults", but we acknowledge that this term can be applied more generally to organisations or groups which are not necessarily harmful to others.  Cult Awareness and Support Australia Inc is not aligned with any other group and does not purport to offer professional counselling to victims of cults or their families, but rather aims to provide support wherever possible and to direct affected people towards professional assistance if they so desire.  The views expressed in any articles on or linked to this website may not necessarily reflect the views of Cult Awareness and Support Australia Inc.